Frequently Asked Question

1How do I register the software?
2 What is the cost of the software?

It is complimentary for any client of Connect Outsourcing.

3 What are the main features of the software?
  • Full Transparency – to track the stages each job has been through, showing the date updated, together with how long each job has been at each stage, showing wherepossible bottlenecks are occurring
  • Ease of communication with the Connect Outsourcing team via the Portal.
  • Full history of Job Notes
  • Visibility on "expected turnaround date" entered by team in India
  • Reports
    • Job Reports – by Status or Type of Job
    • Fee Report – showing Total Budget for previous and this year separated by Client Fee and Connect Fee, together with each job listed.
    • Staff Reports – showing total fee for each job each staff member worked on, Status can be updated here also.
    • Average Turnaround Days Report for last 7, 30 or 60 days or user defined date range Team Member or by job type, Statuses can be user defined here.
4 How is support handled for the software?

There is a Support button on

5 Why can I not find a job in Plus91 that I just loaded in XPM?

You will need to press the green "Sync" button (top right) in Plus91.

6 How do I allocate jobs to the Remote Team?

You can either bulk allocate by clicking on the white circle on the left of the job names (the "Allocate to Remote" button will appear above) or click on the job line in the "Action" column the arrow

7 Where do I find my Remote Jobs?

In the "Sorting Row" underneath your logo, click on the drop-down menu next to "Job Category" click the "Filter" button to action.

8 How can I add/delete columns on the Home screen?

In the sorting row underneath the "Select client" box, click on the drop-down menu, tick/untick options.

9 Where can I find training information?

Click on the video camera at the top of the screen next to the "Hamburger menu", there are training videos & a downloadable manual.

10 How do I add/delete a staff member?

Click on the "Hamburger menu" (3 lines top right) and then "Staff", once a new staff member has been added, please go to the Status Permissions in the "Hamburger menu" if you have allocated staff to jobs and choose which notifications they would like to receive. Please note that in "Other Permissions" option 2 needs to be ticked "Email Notification to Job Owner".

11 What does the red shading mean on the Home screen?

These are overdue jobs

12 How can I see a general overview of my jobs?

Click on the moving blue circular icon bottom right

13 How can I prioritise a Job or order which jobs I want to be worked on first?

Ensure you are the person in your firm, that has those permissions (only one person can have this feature) by clicking on the "Hamburger menu" (3 lines) at the top of the screen, choose "Other Permissions" and see who is allocated to the task under the “Workflow Jobs Sequencing".

Then there will be empty "Pins" against each job – by clicking on the pin you can determine the order the job should be done in (these can be edited by hovering over the pin and clicking)

14 How do I communicate with my remote team in India?

There are 2 main areas:

  • By clicking on the "Job Name" you will see a “Job Notes” area bottom right and by typing in that box and leaving the "show to KFT" box ticked, not only will this appear above as an audit trial of your communications, but this will also be sent to your team in India – they will also respond here. Please also clear these notes once read (top right blue paper icon).
  • In the Hamburger Menu (3 lines top right) there is an area for adding Enhancements (these assist the team in India to adjust to your requirements, how they are working on certain jobs).
15 How do I change my password or add my photo?

Click on the “Person” icon top right

16 How can I see an audit trail of the job movements?

There are 3 columns on the Home screen

  • R Team - how many days the jobs has been with the Remote Team in India
  • NZ Team – how many days the job has been with you.
  • TTL Days – the total number of days the job has and been "active" in Plus91

Click on any of these columns to see an audit trail which you can print or download to csv.

17 How do I contact Support if I need assistance?

Click on the "Hamburger menu" and then "Support"

18 How do I add new Job Stages?

Click on the "Hamburger menu" and click on "Job Stages" then "Add New".

19 How do I find my practice's Rules & Polices and add new ones?

Go to the "Hamburger menu" and click on "General Rules & Policies".

20 How can I see what I am charging my client also the Connect Fee for this year and last?

Go to the "Hamburger menu" and "Reports" then "Fee Report"

21 What does the "Expt Date" & "Date Billed" columns mean?

These are updated by India, "Expt Date" shows the rough date your remote team expect to have the draft accounts to you by (unless there are any complications) and the "Date Billed" will be entered by India telling you what date Connect billed you for this job.

22 Is there a quick way to access a particular job in XPM?

Yes, click on the "link" icon far right of the job row.

23 Can I amend information on a job?

Yes, click on the "pencil" icon far right of the job row in the "Action" column.